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Leather Refinishing:
We use "state of the art" colorants in the refinishing of leather, providing a rich and luxurious look and feel to seats and leather interiors.

Bumper & Door Panel Repair:
We are able to repair scratches to your car's bumpers, side mirrors, door trim, and even some door panels using our "MOBILE PAINT SHOP." This allows us to match your car's exterior paint color to factory specifications.

Wheel Refinishing:
Rims that have been scraped by curbs or by car washes can look like new again utilizing our "tried and true" methodology (we do not repair chrome rims).

Rock Chip Touch-Up:
We use the latest "touch up" technology system in covering up unsightly rock chip damage.

Clear Film Mask Installation:
We can install the "newest in technology," clear film mask on your car's hood for long-lasting "Rock Chip" protection.  The mask is almost invisible, and will afford your car years of protection without damaging your original paint.

Interior Odor Elimination:
Our chemical fogging system will rid your vehicle of unwanted smells of smoke, pets, etc.

Carpet Rejuvenation:
Our carpet rejuvenation system allows us to enrich the existing color of your carpet, especially in areas where ultraviolet light has caused it to fade.

Vinyl Refinishing:
As with leather, we can usually repair small tears, rips, and holes in your door panels, arm rests, and seats,  using our color  formulas to match the color of your interior.

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